They/Them / Milwaukee, WI

Bailey Danz is a Milwaukee based artist currently completing their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art with an emphasis in Print and Narrative forms at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. They are an interdisciplinary artist who often works in the mediums of drawing, fibers, and book arts and their work is often inspired by vulnerability, slice of life moments, and the exploration of color. Currently, Danz is working on cultivating a healthy and sustainable art practice in preparation of graduation.

She/Her / Brownsville, TX

The work I make exploits my intimate female experience. I reconstruct the uncomfortable development from my adolescence to womanhood through retellings of cloudy and fragmented memories while growing up in Brownsville, a border-town located at the southernmost tip of Texas. The Rio Grande Valley, the area where I came of age, is a unique place for its fusion of Mexican and American culture and traditions, yet is often regarded with contempt by outlets that promote its poverty, lack of education, and danger. I am working to reconcile the shame triggered by the circumstances and external barriers set by my perceived identity, ability, and class while intersected with the sexism, objectification, gender roles, and societal expectations of beauty that already accompany the domain of women.
Marcelina Gonzales (b. 1989, Brownsville, Texas) received a BA from The University of Texas at Brownsville in 2013.

They/Them / Longmont, CO

Sea Jay is a writer, poet, musician, and creator currently living in Colorado.
My creative processes are influenced by intimacy and honesty, the intricacies of human existence, and using detail as a means for reflection. Currently, I am drawn to using found objects as a means for creation, or as inspiration for creation. For me, this includes using soundscapes in the background of cello and guitar recordings, collecting rusted metal from trainyards to mail to friends in mobiles, re-using scraps of old yarn and fabric to bring new life to fibers, and sitting and observing my surroundings as inspiration for writing and poetry. I completed my undergraduate degree in music therapy in 2019, and am working towards integrating innate human experiences with contemplative practices in art and music as a form of therapy.

He/Him / Milwaukee, WI

sindie kim ho is a genderfluid all loving vietnamese american artist living and from the midwest. he works with drawing, toying, and text to locate himself between the communities he belongs to. sindie kim ho is the intersection of scene kids and catholicism, bun rieu and soft pretzels, hanoi and rockford, il.

They/Them / Milwaukee, WI

Cecilia Palacios is a Guatemalan/Mexican illustrator that enjoys reimagining the world through dreamy colors and adorable characters. They enjoy creating playful illustrations that explore the feelings of love, the power of friendship, and depression.

He/Him / Minneapolis, MN

Avery Weiler’s making is driven by life experiences and the human need for belonging, and even sometimes unbelonging and the presence of loneliness. A lack of human connection makes it hard to find oneself, so when all we do is chase after it, who is it we are becoming on our own? How does one see the world that surrounds them? To keep the mind from drifting to the idea of loneliness, characters are created to fill the space and embody the many emotions felt through this longing.