She/Her / Milwaukee, WI

Faith LeMay is a portrait photographer currently based in Milwaukee, WI. She graduated from The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in May of 2021 with a degree in creative writing with a poetry emphasis, and a minor in photography.

Her current portrait work centers around femininity and high fashion as she strives for an editorial look with her photos. She currently works at Lifetouch Photography as a school portrait photographer and hopes to move to "The Big Apple" next year to see how far her

photography can take her!

She/Ella / Minoakking < > Shikaakwa

jeanette is a queer chicana community based artist & cultural worker. she works to connect people by incorporating their love and appreciation of music, cultura, history and artmaking. art has been a healing source for jeanette, and she tries to ensure that communities most vulnerable are able to find solace in these practices by centering their experiences, and making these community spaces accessible.

They/Them / Minneapolis, MN

Cedar Thomas (they/them) is an emerging queer artist from Minneapolis, MN. Their art practice focuses on engagement, growth and discovery and their work comes to life in many different mediums. Cedar enjoys experimenting with different techniques and subject matters,

but draws much of their inspiration from personal experiences with queerness, mental health, and the intersection between the two. They hope their art sparks connections and inspiration in others and encourages everyone to explore their creativity. Cedar graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with a BFA in Art in May 2020, but is still learning and growing every day.

He/Him / Milwaukee, WI

Antonio Vargas-Nieto is a Mexican born, Milwaukee raised writer and emulsion enthusiast. While his films focus on the mosaic quality of light, his writing borrows from the camera, making images and scenes in the reader/listeners mind. Recently, photography and marbling present a happy medium between filmmaking and poetry.

He/Him / Minneapolis, MN

My characters that fill these spaces are an embodiment of myself and my personal life experiences. These translate into human or creature-like characters finding a deep connection or a formidable difference in one another, sometimes just existing on their own. Very much like the pattern of meeting and interacting with others, such as past or present relationships of all sorts. I'm digging deeper into this connection by exploring how each one is carrying its own individuality,  unique features, and presence that can be seen as childish but also ominous. This flexibility allows viewers to decide if the moments I illustrate are a ray of hope or a moment of mortality and danger for these characters. In this creation process, they are and become even more like children of mine, like I am meant to protect, care for them, and eventually let them go into this unraveling world of mine.

She/They / Milwaukee, WI

I'm an interdisciplinary artist primarily working in drawing, painting, and zines. The reasons why I make the work I do are constantly changing and evolving, but as I see it right now, my work exists as an allegorical way to look at social dynamics and the human condition. I believe that in order to understand ourselves better, we actually need to step back a bit to find another way in.