They/Them / Winona, MN

Ian Hanesworth is a non-binary interdisciplinary artist and organic farmer from Winona, MN (occupied Dakota land). Ian's work is motivated by a sense of dire urgency in regards to current ecological crises and, simultaneously, by a deep and unshakable reverence for the natural world in all its diversity and resilience. Ian uses wild plant fibers and dyes and botanical imagery to create artwork that asserts the critical interconnectedness of human and ecological wellbeing and argues for the place of gardening and farming within a contemporary art practice.

He/Him / Milwaukee, WI

Sindie Ho is a toymaker, a poet, and a liar. All work and no play dulls the knife and I intend to eat the cake that isn't even mine. Sindie's works are records of his dry throat and tense jaw left from conversations with a version of himself that he is working into existence. From a previous bio; "in any given space i am a 2000’s scene kid confirmed under the patron saint catherine with a lactose intolerance and bad vietnamese who likes cooking and hates sweating i am my mother’s rib and my father’s shoulders i am six feet above and one hundred eighty pounds under God."

She/Her / Milwaukee, WI

As a creative, I love to use my works of art as visual mirrored images of who I truly am at a core. Openly expressing my nakedness through art gives me the freedom to unveil my life’s journey in moments of grief and sorrow that have blossomed into a transition of deep metamorphosis in a surreal way. Not only has art been a huge component for my healing process , it has helped me to access the missing parts within myself that were blocked and embedded subconsciously and helped free my spirit by enhancing my intuitive foresight and inner strength.

They/Them / Milwaukee, WI

Hi, my name is Tavi aka Unx Ugly. I am a non-binary, latinx creator born and raised in Milwaukee. I aspire to be a creator in all aspects, usually telling stories of grief, heartache, mental illness, and more through my writing, art, and other mediums. My work is far from ordinary, and I hope to never change that.
You usually can find me living my best life with my little one, and going on about horror movies and my love for animation.

He/Him / Milwaukee, WI

Graduating from 2015 with an Illustration Bachelors, Addo Workman sharpens their focus on ink based comics and cut paper illustration. His love for comic books and movies are his main inspiration but applies those things to his trans experiences through sequential illustrations.

They/Them / Milwaukee, WI

Kiara is a Non-binary Latine artist that creates and performs from Milwaukee, WI. They enjoy making art that people can look to and feel seen through. Currently, they are finishing up their undergrad in Anthropology and are working towards becoming a children's librarian.