She/Her / St. John’s, Newfoundland (Canada)

Julia is an artist and illustrator who works mainly in comic making and drawing. She enjoys making simple slices of life comics and drawings about her personal life, struggles, experiences and relationships.

She/Her / Miami, FL
*cover artist*

Hello! My name is Dayana and I am a young artist coming from Miami, Florida. I loved to create ever since I was a kid, and I aspire to share my creativity with the world some day. I love to experiment with many mediums in my body of work, but the main medium I use is acrylic paint. I love how easy and quick acrylic is, how you can alter it by just adding water.

She/Her / Milwaukee, WI

Awkwardly Arab. Palestinian-American Artist. Born in Jerusalem and like many Palestinians dealing with diaspora, Salam turned to the Internet to find a community. Perpetually caught in a limbo of two conflicting cosmos, her work reflects her cultural identity, one that is evolving alongside the world.

They/Them / Chicago, IL

T Hix is a gender non conforming star seed sent to EARTH with the mission to make sense of nonsense. given the talent and burden to create, Hix currently works in materials closest to the life force that flows through all, alongside intuitive mark making and using words, practicing earthly understandings of divine energy, unconditional love and human emotion. stumbling around to the rhythm of life, Hix loves morning sun, arriving late, and missed connections.

She/Her / Milwaukee, WI

Chandler is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Milwaukee. She enjoys combining traditional mediums with graphic design. Chandler loves pattern design, typography, branding and packaging design. She spends her free time perfecting her and her girlfriend’s Animal Crossing town.

/ Milwaukee, WI

I like to think of myself as an observer, utilizing poetry, music, and visual design to document this ever changing world through the lens of my brain. I tend to romanticize everything, from a split second conversation to the way the wind rustles through falling leaves,,, I can't help but add a bit of "what if" to the end of every sentence. Obsessed with those who love me not I find peace within the flow of creativity.

Jenny/They/Them / San Diego, CA

Hello my name is Jenny Sandoval and I am a first-generation Latine poet. I write to process, reflect, and heal. I share the positive and negative parts of my life and like to connect my writing to nature. Nature has always been a significant part of my life and I honor it through my writing. I hope my poetry allows a space for you to heal and gain inspiration.