They/Them / Saint Paul, MN

Kendall Dickinson is an interdisciplinary artist working and living in the Twin Cities. Dickinson received their BA from Macalester College in 2018, and their MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2020. Dickinson makes paintings, collages, zines, sculptures, and installations that focus on the interconnections between queerness, trauma, mental illness, addiction, and recovery. Dickinson’s work has been shown in various galleries around the Twin Cities, including Fresh Eye Gallery, CIRCA Gallery, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Dickinson also works as an independent curator and designed two exhibitions at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design during their time as a student. Additionally, Dickinson has worked as an art instructor around the metro area at various nonprofits, including the Perpich Center for Arts Education.

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She/Her / Milwaukee, WI
*cover artist*

Bella Ilk-Greenhill is a mixed media artist whose work is created primarily with spray paint and charcoal. Bella's body of work focuses on how she explores femininity and her identity as a black woman. The introspective nature of her work seeks to inspire conversations on our ideas of "self" and "other," and how that manifests in the physical form.

They/She / Milwaukee, WI

kc (DARK AGE ONLINE) is a printmaker, illustrator and writer creating work in the realms of surrealist fantasy, mythology and folklore, and philosophy. They are particularly interested in the archetypes of human experience as creative potential for psychic transmutation.

She/Her / Milwaukee, WI

I like to create art that focuses on femininity, representation of different body types, as well as mental health and self image issues. I want to create art that destigmatizes and fully appreciates what it's like to exist as you are. We don't need to change what we feel in order to be beautiful or acceptable; we just need to embrace it.

He/Him / Chicago, IL

Arnold is a Mexican-American illustrator. He likes to draw whenever the opportunity comes. Arnold hopes to keep drawing for a long time.

She/Her / Los Angeles, CA

Paola Segura is a first generation something* from Los Angeles. She has a cat named after a Johnny Cash song, and fourteen lizards, none of whose names were inspired by the man in black. She writes when she remembers to, but struggles to remind herself to do so more often than not.

As a child, Paola spent her weekends traveling from Los Angeles, her home, to Ensenada, Baja California Mexico. These visits were, of course, so that she could spend time with all her family: nana, tata, tías, tíos, primos, y primas. These weekends also served to fuel her interest in language and her work reflects her own code-switching reality.

*Mexican-American, Chicana, or perhaps Xicana? She’s always changing her mind.

She/Her / Milwaukee, WI

Anna Siemsen is a multidisciplinary artist currently focusing in fashion design, photography, and videography. Through her work she attempts to combine aspects of her Chinese heritage and American childhood. Her artwork is an exploration of the Mid-Western landscape, family history, and the nostalgia of cherished photographs and heirlooms.

She/Her / Philadelphia, PA

Megan Elaine Wirick is a fine artist living and working in Philadelphia, PA. Her practice focuses on consent and agency in a digital age. It is about finding a space for sexual desire and intimacy after sexual trauma. This is not a single linear narrative but rather an allegory of queer femme sexuality in contemporary digital society informed by trauma and interruptions of intrusive or triggering thoughts. This crafted space defies norms and binary systems while also acting as a safe space through the theory that negotiations of intimacy are a way we can acquire agency. These acts are a visual reorientation of a tenderness to exist with emotional and physical autonomy.