He/Him / Milwaukee, WI

I’ve always found different ways to express myself creatively, but photography is something that has always stuck with me. For the past year, I have gone analog and shot exclusively with my 35mm film camera. I don’t commit to any specific type of photography, and I love experimenting with different subjects. One of my favorite things about photography is exploring new places or wandering around the city and getting to share what I see, from my point of view, with everyone.

He/Him / Toledo, OH

Richard Johnson is an interdisciplinary artist from Northwest Ohio. As a queer transgender man, much of his work expresses homoerotic themes and details the experience of gender dysphoria. A fascination with the human form permatates his art practice and Richard frequently experiments with the distortion of anatomical features; resulting in pieces that display ‘body horror’. Mental illness, specifically Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and clinical depression, is also a common subject in his portfolio. Richard’s first love has always been acrylic painting, but his recent affairs with ceramics and sculptural work have also been extremely satisfying.

They/He / Milwaukee, WI

I am a trans artist based in Milwaukee who creates with a variety of materials; from canvas to cut paper, textiles to procreate, and beyond. Over the years I have worked at various non-profits as an artist-educator, partnering with schools to connect curriculum with the arts. In the future, I hope to create an open studio for queer and trans artists to collaborate and build community.

They/She / Mexico City, Mexico

*cover artist*

Cosmic Catalyst, Selfie Scholar, Transmaterial Alchemist and Bicultural Baddie. I believe in the transformative power of presence through selfies, makeup and clothing. For the future is constructed in the present💘✨😈.

They/Them / Madison, WI

Cate O’Connell-Richards is a queer artist, jeweler, broomsquire, and educator currenrly living in Madison, WI. Their latest solo show “SWEPT: This Work I Will Do”, is currently on view at Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, MA. O’Connell-Richards has exhibited internationally and has shown work at Abel Contemporary in Stoughton, WI, EatMetal Inc. in Hoboken, NJ, the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA, Lillstreet Arts Center in Chicago, and the Gallery im Körnerpark, Berlin. Currently, they are a Lecturer for both UW-Madison and UW-Green Bay in art foundations and metals/jewelry.

I am an artist first, and craft-informed. I question held binaries of many kinds - including art/craft, the precious/quotidian, and pomp/shame.

My current work calls attention to the intersection of objects of labor with objects of spirituality. It is no surprise that it was the haptic tools of the home, the earth, that became associated with witchery and rebellion. They were weapons of the unheard, those systematically denied autonomy and wealth by a ruling patriarchal class. Today, these handmade tools are fetish objects animated by romantic notions and false memories of history. After all, if you put the word craft before or after a word it somehow becomes magical. At the same time, I challenge the notion that good craft must be true/traditional/correct/old/perfect, and I see these resulting tools as objects of my own persecution and delight as I navigate through trauma and queerness.

He/Him / Oxford, UK

I'm Taran, a queer Comic artist and Illustrator. My body of work is very varied, ranging from informational and autobiographical content to sci-fi and fantasy art. I have a huge passion for zines: making, contributing and learning about them.

She/Her / Toronto, Canada

Julia Yoo is an 18-year-old artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her works surrounding her Asian American identity have been shown around the world, and she has worked with TIFF for the past 3 years. Her work spans across mediums, including film, painting, and photography. She will continue her arts education at the School of Museum of Fine Arts at TUFTS University in the Fall.

He/Him / Milwaukee, WI

Known to creator as Ningwigan Biinjibizo Waabani-Nodin Sa Zhawenim.
What I create reflects my journey and observations of existence. I've spent my entire life between Milwaukee and various tribal lands of New Mexico, swapping between my two sides of family. I use my writing to express the feeling of a "fly on the wall" of cultural whiplash, and the two different ways of living/heritage I experience. My art is mainly indigenous centered with my most recent creations being regalia and ceremonial pieces.
Also an avid animal welfare enthusiast. Spending my days bridging positive connections between humans and all of mother earth's critters.