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Auzin is a writer from the Pacific Northwest. She has published with Nowruz Journal, Rogue Agent Journal, Agapanthus Collective, and others. She is the former Managing Editor at Hecate Magazine and is currently a prose editor for The Jupiter Review. More of her work can be found at

she/her, UK


baaba is a Ghanaian multidisciplinary artist and storyteller currently based in the UK, deeply inspired by anti-colonial consciousness and astrophysics. since childhood, she has been experimenting with (afro)sonic forms of poetry and lyrical storytelling to embody grounds of alertness and resistance. through her visual art, she traces memories of tenderness and motions of rage characterising her survival and existential struggle with systemic oppression as practice of spiritual grounding rooted toward liberation and rebirth beyond this current reality.

Sam Trucano
They/He/She, Chicago, IL


Sam, a musician and visual artist based out of Chicago, works from a space of remixing and recontextualizing their own emotions in order to make space for new feelings to grow. They tend to create these juxtapositions in their art to properly reflect their own experience of feeling intense grief and exceptional warmth in rapid succession. They attempt to portray in their work that their own negative culminations of emotions are not flippant or meaningless but serve as an important place to observe and absorb on the path towards more joy. Because of this, they believe that deep frying and contorting their vulnerable thoughts portrays their own feelings much more accurately than the idea could alone.

she/her, Milwaukee, WI


I am the daughter of Nagendra Babu and Senchu Lakshmi, granddaughter of Rajbabu and Ammalu Lakshmi, A.R. Kamalanabhan and Kamalanabhan Bhanumathy, and sister of Raja Punyamurthula. All that I continue to learn is an extension of the infinite essence of those who came before, and those alongside me. Through them, I have learned to be child-like in my curiosity, messy in my practice, playful in my pieces, and transparent in my feelings. Sometimes, when I'm anxious, I'll tell myself, "it's just life", a small blip in the infinite. But how special is it that I, a small freckle on the nose of a giant, am making all this weird + silly shit, and feeling something in doing so.

Bre Legan
they/she Milwaukee, WI

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Bre Legan is a multimedia storyteller and dreamer living and loving out of Milwaukee, though they are pleased to have roots in many places. A graduate student in Communication and Digital Media through the Trinity Fellowship at Marquette University, Bre holds degrees in art and writing from Drury University and Santa Reparata International School of Art. Bre was recently named the 2022 Milwaukee Emerging Poet Fellow through Woodland Pattern Book Center, where they will be creating a yearlong, multi-prong community project that brings poetry into public spaces. When they aren’t busy studying the intersections of art and social justice, you will likely find them fiddling with an ancient typewriter, organizing with Midcoast Artist Collective, and exploring this beautiful world.