she/her / Sunderland, UK
Caitlin Smith (b.2001) is a multidisciplinary surrealist completing her master’s degree at the University of Sunderland. Working with a plethora of mediums, Smith favours relief printmaking processes & painting, acrylic being her preferred choice. At present, her practice explores the figurative narrative of the internalised femme fatale conjuring fragmented paintings and prints. Caitlin strives to eradicate the unspoken autocracy and biased attitudes implemented within both society & the Arts, alongside prioritising inclusivity, and representation. Smith visually transcribes an outrageous oeuvre displaying themes of politics, societal taboos, and conflict, employing a mordacious narrative leading to a series of pronounced juxtapositions filled with allegories.

Isaiah Joseph
he/him, Milwaukee, WI


I am a first generation photographer born and raised in Milwaukee. I feel like I've struggled throughout life making sense of my own story; being Papua New Guinean and White, being a big brother, a son, a partner, an artist, etc... it's a lot to put into words. I've channeled a lot of that energy into how I can help tell the stories of the people/ places/ things that I make photographs of. My hope is that you can experience at least some of what I felt in making my work.

Katie Bedolla
she/her/ella, Chicago, IL / Milwaukee, WI


I am a multidisciplinary artist from Chicago, IL. I am in my 4th year at Milwaukee Institute of Art

and Design, pursuing my undergrad degree. I make art that reflects on my past and current self.

Identity, memory and opportunity are huge themes in my work

Raequan Scott
he/him/his, Chicago,IL

@ _quanrae_

Raequan Scott is a Chicago-based alternative artist, fusing different genres including R&B, trip hop, rap and rock into a sound all his own. Rae’s influences range from Radiohead, Nirvana, and Portishead all the way to Frank Ocean, SZA, Grimes, Ravyn Lenae, Steve Lacy and beyond. He’s pushing boundaries in his visual work, challenging the common portrayal of what a black gay independent artist normally represents in the mainstream.