She/Her / Milwaukee, WI

Mikey (pronounced my-key) Cody Apollo is a Black woman, creative writer, wannabe filmmaker, and bi-con from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Most of her work explores themes such as race, gender, sex, and religion. She is the author of the self-published collection of poetry titled Black Girls, Silence, and Other Things Made of Gold. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite movie of all-time is Moonlight.

She/They / Milwaukee, WI

Molly Hassler is an interdisciplinary artist, often embracing collaboration and primarily using drawing and fibers techniques to mine the complex relation between representation and identity as a queer person in the Midwest.

She/They / Milwaukee, WI

Pilot Lee (She/ They) is a Korean-Indian-American, 18-year-old d*ke born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. She likes drawing cowgirls and wearing pink. While she revels in illustrating literally whatever she wants all the time, most of their comic work is a reflection on being a teenager. They're inspired by the small things in life, like cool bugs and good friends. She's currently working on a financial planning degree, an economics degree, and maybe a game design minor at the University of Wisconsin Madison, but mentally she's eating an ice cream sandwich on her childhood best friend's roof.

She/They / Munster, Indianna

I’ve taken steps back as far as serious practice goes in the past few years just because I feel like there is a certain overwhelming connotation with the word artist; I also apply too much pressure to myself when I choose to immerse myself deeply in my craft. As of now, I focus on enjoying my feelings & experiences. The act of preserving things has always been something I’ve been drawn to & practiced. Recently, I’ve been taking personal narratives or experiences I’ve had and conditioning them to be more open for interpretation. By removing names or diving too deeply into a story it creates room for the reader to expand on their own. I hope that by allowing myself to share my experiences & my vulnerability, my audience will be able to relate. Hopefully, will make others want to be more honest in every sense of the word.

She/He / Milwaukee, WI

Nick Naudi believes in the radical power of empathy, which she enjoys cultivating through zines, collaborative art and working with youth. In her personal practice, Nick explores themes of mental illness and vulnerability by illustrating her experiences like frames of an unwritten graphic novel. While her work falls within an unorganized blend of painting, text, colored pencil and YouTube, storytelling remains the heart of it all. As consuming stories makes us better listeners, better empathizers, sharing stories allows us personal reflection and healing. It is in that exchange, from experience to retelling, that Nick is most interested in playing.

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They/Them / Milwaukee, WI

Cristina Ossers is a multimedia artist from Milwaukee, WI.
They have near 5 years experience photographing gallery exhibitions, recording live performances and events, and shooting and editing artist interviews.
They received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and studied for one semester at Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy.
They capture images spontaneously on a variety of recording devices; such as a 2008 Flip Camcorder, iPhone, and DSLR - each is a means to work quickly when documenting their transient state.
They also document artwork and creative happenings in Milwaukee under the pseudonym of DocMyArt. Much like their personal art practice they want to capture moments as if their lens is the eyes of the audience admiring the rhythmic flow of an individual and in between moments.
“We deserve honest portraits of ourselves: ones that are charming, dynamic, vulnerable - and with that unexpected.” - Cristina