He/Him, NYC & Miami, FL


Diego Andrade is a first generation Venezuelan American artist and designer born and raised in Miami, FL. Diego is currently a first year communication design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. His work focuses on growth and life and is inspired by the shapes and forms seen through nature and how they reflect the ones seen through the human figure and mind.


she/her, Milwaukee, WI


Hello! My name is B and I am a full time professional bruja, spiritual healer, and creative! I absolutely enjoy fusing art and magick. I run my small business, Tres Ojos with my wife. We have quite the array of offerings and enjoy helping others on their healing journey!

Meet Jezzelle!
she/her, England


Jezzelle H R Kellam (b 1999) is a graphite artist from Kent, based in the Northeast of England.

In her work, she represents the body, By making conscious decisions in removing heads and parts of a body, she has used this as a vehicle for her ongoing oeuvre that articulates her way of thinking.

“By breaking down the form to how I see it, I attempt to encapsulate the physical, psychological, and physiological properties of what it is like to inhabit a form, a human body. By bridging a gap between the body and mind. It is vital to portray a multitude of scars, body hair, cellulite and so on, These abrasive textures have been viewed as imperfections, but I want to share how beautiful these attributes are.”

he/him, Calabar, Nigeria


Joshua Effiong is a writer and digital artist from the Örö people of Nigeria. Author of a poetry chapbook Autopsy of Things Left Unnamed(2020).

they/elle/elx, Portland, OR / Buenos Aires, Argentina


Starly Lou Riggs is a queer non-binary visual artist from the United States, based in both Portland, Oregon and Buenos Aires, Argentina. From photography to soft sculpture, video to ink drawing, their work is a process to explore and play, creating dreamscapes and characters as a way to rewrite norms, reexamine perception, and reevaluate history while normalizing queer faces, spaces, and feelings.