Meet Nyala!
she/they, Atlanta, GA


Nyala Yvonne is an artist from Tallahassee, Florida specializing in collage and mixed media art. Nyala uses collage as a tool to subvert the superficiality of mass media advertisements. Manipulating commercial images into Afro-surrealistic landscapes and stories of feminine empowerment, identity, and the struggle that comes along with it.


Meet c. !
she/they, Chicago, IL

ghostcat is a mixed-race, queer, and trans artist based out of chicago. she has been self-publishing comics for the past decade that chronicle her experiences with social work, harm reduction, and her more unfortunate grindr dates. she enjoys coffee, the x-files, and the company of ugly little dogs.

she/her, Bath, UK


Milly Aburrow fabricates a transformative, encapsulating space, cluttered with materialistic objects and representations of food substances scrutinising the superfluous associations within our everyday sustenance.Her work is a current investigation in whether food needs to be a vessel of communication which transcends into other contexts of visuals and linguistics. Exploring gender, sexuality and stereotypes associated with food, embedded within our society, which has occurred throughout history and still occurs today - the naive, tacky and flamboyant disposition of her sculptures proposes connotations of irony with these notions, challenging the overarching patriarchy of Western society and breaking down outdated.

they/them, Milwaukee, WI


Jordan "T.J." Blanco b.1998, is a a Latinx, non-binary, experimental filmmaker based in Milwaukee, WI. They are interested in ancestral memory, mythic construction and the everyday absurdity of life under Neoliberalist Late Stage Capitalism. Their work seeks to mine memory and hold the spirit in an act of resistance against the psychic numbing of contemporary society.

they/she,  LA/NY


Subin Lee is a Korean American poet, creative director, stylist, and senior at UCLA. They are currently working on two short films, stressing over post-grad life, and trying to make sure their friends know how much they're appreciated. Because they had attempted to separate their creative pursuits from their career path for most of their life, they are still growing into the novel idea of being an interdisciplinary, career artist. They plan on entering an MFA for poetry.