They/He/She / Toledo, OH

Beatrice Addis Fields is a writer/artist currently residing around the Toledo Area. Their goal is to share with the world the surreal and usually (probably. Maybe.) funny experience of being a They in a world of predominantly She's and He's.

She/They / San Jose, CA

Hi, I’m wednesday, a filipino artist based in the Bay Area. I’ve been drawing my whole life and it’s exciting that my love for art has transpired into my career path. I love drawing detailed backgrounds and using bright colors!

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She/Her / Brooklyn, NY

I am an artist, poet, and blogger from Brooklyn.  I am passionate about amplifying the voices of Black women/creatives.  My work can be found via my blog, "Please No Bullsh*t",

He/Him / Milwaukee, WI

Tanner MacArthur was born in Columbia, South Carolina. Prompted by consistent moves during childhood, personality displacement, and Buddhist philosophy, Tanner’s work contemplates the relationship between immediacy and patience. His recent paintings and sculptures reflect on the concept of “interbeing,” coined by Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh.

Any Pronoun / London, UK

My name is Jack Ravi and I’m a self-taught artist. I make collage and assemblage art, I generally use what’s already there, often looking at a more sustainable way of creating that finds value in objects that already come with their own history. For me, human identity and human relationships have always been an inesauribile source of inspiration. I’ve always found the emotional empathy of queer people comforting and familiar since a very young age, so I’m particularly drawn to tell -or imagine- their stories.

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He/They / Minneapolis, MN

Dustin Steuck is a performance-based moving-image installation artist currently living and working in Minneapolis, MN. His work explores queer narratives while integrating utopic theory influenced by digital platforms and historical imagery. Steuck received a double Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and drawing from the University of Wisconsin-Stout (UW-Stout) in 2017. Whether the outcome of a piece is an object, moving-image, or two-dimensional, his work is based on the need to document. Through physical space on a grand scale, moving-image supports his conceptual interests, while the projector fulfills his spatial objectives. Combining digital media work, such as moving-image, with flamboyant materials his work recontextualizes perceptions of narcissism and queer identity through iconography.