They/She / Bay Area, CA

Erica Ashley is a self-taught artist based in the Bay Area who dabbles in digital art and poetry. Their art is founded upon their feelings towards self-expression, identity, and relationships with others. Their biggest goal in life is to show and enjoy being their most genuine self to the world and have fun while doing so! ;")

She/Her / Brownsville, TX

I reconstruct the cloudy and often fragmented memories of my time growing up in Brownsville, Texas. Sometimes personally traumatic, embarrassing, or TMI, my work recalls feelings of inadequacy while reconciling shame through playful and bright narratives. The stories I share are an honest account of a Hispanic girl coming of age in this region navigating the complicated path to womanhood.

As I make my way into my 30’s, trying to reenter the world and adjust to post pandemic life, I find myself weaving my changing mental health into the works; recognizing I am still not ok, understanding I am healing, while trying to re-learn what I have lost along the way.

She/They / Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I’m Anna, and I am a textile artist, recent college-graduate, and I love to skateboard. I currently work in the textile industry, and have been weaving tapestries for friends and family since last summer as a hobby during quarantine. My inspiration comes from all around: political events, other textile artists, and New York’s eclectic culture.

She/Her / Baltimore, MD

My name's RayKay, and I've been attending MIAD for two years now, however I've been making art and doodling since I was 6 years old. I make all kinds of things, from creepy to informative to just about anything! Through the years, my art has become less of a hobby and a lot more of my method of expression and exploration. Everyone has goals with their work, but my most important mission is to share my creations with the world, and make it feel something.

He/Him / Milwaukee, WI

Juan Miguel Martinez is a union organizer and freelance writer from the south side of Milwaukee. He writes because he loves to and was once told by a rich man that he would never make it as a writer. He organizes for unions because he wants to do everything he can to destroy the billionaire class.

He/Him / Lafayette, LA

I'm a trans artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and dad to a variety of pets. My work often reflects themes regarding mental health, gender identity, spirituality, and exploration of any topic that I find of interest. You're likely to find me at home playing Stardew Valley, gardening in my backyard, or browsing a used bookstore.