She/They / Milwaukee, WI

Sav is a multidisciplinary artist from MKE, her work focuses on the connections between the real and the imaginary expressed through bold colors and patterns. In their free time they like to teach and organize the artist communities that help creatives thrive.

They/Them / Minneapolis, MN

Bailey Danz is a Minneapolis based artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art with an emphasis in Print and Narrative Forms from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. They are an interdisciplinary artist who often works in the mediums of drawing, fibers, and book arts and their work is often inspired by vulnerability, slice of life moments, and the exploration of color. Currently, Danz is working on cultivating a healthy and sustainable art practice.

They/Them / New York, NY

Jendayi is a Caribbean-American artist focused on amplifying voices not typically heard in the mainstream chorus regardless of medium, engaging in film, photography, and writing to weave a captivating narrative together. Their work meditates on the experience of the personal as political and the political as personal. For them, vulnerability is both the beginning and ending to all things. They are the creator of the show BlackArrogance! a docu series on Black artists and art history on XOTV.

She/Her / Portland, OR

I am a midwesterner at heart and grew up playing in the outdoors and living close to nature. Art continues to be a journey for me. As I grow into myself and experience life, my art changes. Currently I'm focusing on processing through the strange and mildly profound minutiae of my early twenties, and capturing them in various mediums.

He/They / Brant, Ontario (Canada)

Hi there friends! I’m a queer, trans and autistic artist + writer from a small town in Ontario, Canada. I create art to free myself from the swirling, anxious world around us all. It allows me to be honest and bare in my most creative ways possible. Through my art, I explore topics of mental health, neurodiversity, gender diversity, daily life and more. I am so grateful to share my art with everyone through Moody.

She/They / Minneapolis, MN

Sophie (she/they) is a fat, queer creative activist dedicated to providing social change through the arts by creating and uplifting communities, with an emphasis in storytelling. By embracing the arts from a generalist perspective, they're able to connect with a range of communities and people through a variety of art forms. Sophie’s world is dedicated to asking questions and loving deeply.